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Truth Decay

Today’s society has a severe case of truth decay. We often hear the phrase that the truth will set us free. However, what is that truth to is able to make free. The word of God is that truth. Jesus referred to himself as the way, the truth, and the life. Truth, to give, a definition can be state of being true or valid(my personal definition). We have to see the word of God and the bible as the truth and factual. This is where faith comes in at. Faith is believing in something or someone that shows no physical evidence.

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How Can We Save A Generation From Suffering Moral Decay?

This generation suffers from moral decay. I think our families have broken down at an alarming rate and fathers in the poverty stricken communities are virtually non-existent. The media promotes negativity and promiscuity. Our schools are suffering due to high drop out rates. We have a lot of men that are not responsible fathers or figures in the community. Our women struggle with low self-esteem. Is there anything that we can do to stop the decline in the world system. There are, I feel, two solutions to this problem. We can invest in the education of the young people of today. We should invest time into speaking and teaching by example the right way to be righteous. The next thing we can do is to change the man of today. It begins with the man because the man is the natural leader of the community. This is not to be sexist. I am one that can appreciate the role that the woman, especially the African American woman, in today’s society. However, the men have to assume natural positions such as fathers and mentors.

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