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God Wants Our Joy To Be Full

I am reminded years ago of prayers that I sent up before God on behalf of my father. My parents’ relationship was on the verge of ending. Everyone knew what was wrong, myself included. He was not a faithful or just person. It angered me deep inside because I knew that he was capable of being better. So, I automatically got put in the category of being just like him. I consistently and constantly said to myself not so. However, things had changed in my parent’s and my life. He had a life threatening blood issue. Friends and family had gone, no one was left to his side but my mother, myself, and the prayer warriors of my church. I was deeply saddened by the prospect of losing him when our relationship had been so strained. Jesus told Peter that I pray that your faith fails you not. So, I knelt down to pray, the only that I had known to do at that point. The situation has turned around for the better as my father surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am 33 years old with an issue of being rejected and ridiculed by my father. I have went through years of suffering through alcoholic tirades, rumors of womanizing, and verbal abuse. However, I prayed and stayed in God’s face concerning the matter. I knew that God rewards those who diligently seek him. I was made to look like a fool through tears, hurts, and pains. However, I am proud to say today that my joy is full. God has gave my father a new start and I am too thankful. Our relationship and love is growing. God says that he will never put more on us than we can bear. Now, my mother and I have full joy and confidence. He has justified our sayings and prayers through the push of the voices of the naysayers. So, you should never stop praying if you believe in something. Salvation and redemption for any man and woman is the most important thing that we can ask God for. Cars, money, houses, accolades, these things pass. However, we want the salvation of the soul at all costs. I don’t want any of my family members to be lost. I thank God that he heard my cry and had pity upon my groan. I admonish you all to believe in the power of prayer for your own life. God wants to hear you call to him. God says that he won’t despise a brokenhearted or sincere person.


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Christians, Stand Up!

As I watched a television program on Sunday night, I found myself very disturbed. It was a debate between two pastors as one believed that homosexual men should marry. This pastor said that he felt that it was a spiritual experience when one man married another. My pastor often says that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I think that Christians have been too passive for way to long. I also feel that we are too busy being preoccupied with our own lives to do God’s work. I was cut to the heart as I saw that this pastor was attempting to defend homosexual acts and attitudes. However, I hope that you will join me in standing up for Christianity and what the bible says about homosexuality. I hope that you will agree with me that homosexuality is an abomination within the eyesight of God. The devil has let his people roam free and Chrisitans don’t even know it. I want to make it clear that I do not have any angst against homosexuality. However, what God calls sin in the bible, it is sin to me. Let us not be ignorant and passive anymore. If you know the bible, defend it. If you don’t know the bible or Jesus, I invite you to know him.

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What Do You Behold

We as a people have a difficult battle to contend with on a daily basis. We have to determine what people come into our lives, what emotions to settle on, what about our lives do we want to change, as well as what our futures hold. Our vision toward our daily lives and what God wants of us must be positive and of hope. The bible shows us this in Matthew 6:22-23. We are told through the word of God that the lamp of the body is the eye. Our eyes can either be filled with darkness or with light. We have the choice to either think positively or negatively about our lives. As people, especially as Christians, we have to keep a positive faith and belief. I would go as far to say that faith is the ability to see the future instead of the present. Later in the same chapter, the bible says that you cannot serve God and mammon. Mammon is commonly interpreted as materialism, riches, prosperity, and other people. We cannot dare serve our materialistic desires, riches, prosperity and other people and expect to live godly lives. Allowing God to come into our lives makes the light slightly easier to focus on. Today’s world is filled with darkness and despair. Our media outlets promote negativity and materialism. We have to change the type of light that comes into our eyes. Your focus should be on a positive mindset and those lives of the ones upon which you have influence. For example, parents should want to be positive role models and examples for their children. We should want to have an impact on the world of a good report. So, for this cause, we should stay optimistic. So, be careful to ask yourself, what am I beholding?

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Who Is Going To Bail You Out?

No positive end in sight. It is a dreary road ahead. Even with the rising of a new election year, I can still hear those empty promises ringing strong. I would admonish you to grab ahold of faith and do not let go. I once heard a wise man say that if a man stands for nothing, he will fall for anything. Faith in God is key. When it comes to your future, your talent, your money, your life, your career, your education, God is there to hear you. All you have to do is sincerely call upon him and carry no burdens upon yourself. We should still vote, march, walk, protest wrongdoing with a spiritual mindset. I am reminded of the story of the three Hebrew boys in the bible that were bound. There were assigned to be cast into the fire by a king. The boys told the king that God would save them from the flames. The next statement is the kind of faith that builds a statue. They told the king that they still would not bow to him even if there were not spared. So, I have said that to say this. We have to commit to something more powerful than ourselves at any cost. We have given to much power to money, to politicians, to all others who can easily fail us. However, we have to learn to give in to God and learn his plan for our lives.

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