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Learning Starts At Home

We should always encourage our children to investigate the world around them. The first school setting is the home in which a child is nurtured. Make sure that your child is familiar with numbers, shapes, and the difference of the five senses. Play is essential to any child’s growth. Parents always have to make time to be with and encourage their child. We just can’t depend on the schools to do this job. It is tough enough being a teacher. However, it is the parents duty to make sure that kids are learning at home first before heading to school. The first 3 – 5 years are crucial in a child’s cognitive development. Children who are read to at home have stronger confidence heading into the elementary level. A child should hear the parent read, in efforts to sound out words. Most parents dump off on the school system. However, a child has a better chance of overall success when the learning starts at home.

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