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Learning Starts At Home

We should always encourage our children to investigate the world around them. The first school setting is the home in which a child is nurtured. Make sure that your child is familiar with numbers, shapes, and the difference of the five senses. Play is essential to any child’s growth. Parents always have to make time to be with and encourage their child. We just can’t depend on the schools to do this job. It is tough enough being a teacher. However, it is the parents duty to make sure that kids are learning at home first before heading to school. The first 3 – 5 years are crucial in a child’s cognitive development. Children who are read to at home have stronger confidence heading into the elementary level. A child should hear the parent read, in efforts to sound out words. Most parents dump off on the school system. However, a child has a better chance of overall success when the learning starts at home.

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Failure Of Our Youth?

As I look upon the children of this generation, they don’t look back. Why? Head down, texting away, facebook timeline, the latest trends and fashion, ipods with downloads of the latest albums. These things are not bad within and of themselves. Our kids should enjoy these types of luxuries. However, freedom comes with a price. Lagging behind in mathematics and sciences when the US was once the dominant educational leader. Teen pregnancy; we tell them to use a condom, why don’t we teach abstinence. Fatherless and broken homes; our sons, angry at the world with no direction and our daughters looking for love in the wrong places.No musician will ever be my child’s spokesman. No athlete will ever be my child’s role model. The world tells us that singers, rappers, and athletes are very talented and this is true. However, is a mind a terrible thing to waste? Is it the former generation that failed? Have the sins of the mothers and fathers rested on the children? ┬áCommunication, being there, creating a dialogue, reevaluating priorities, setting standards, loving one another. The ways in which we save our kids.

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