The Math Rules for Your Life

12 Jan

I hope you enjoy this…….

  1. Two heads are better than one. Ask questions…..
  2. A good leader always makes sure that there is a common denominator among those he leads. Don’t be a tyrant within your family, among your friends, in your community, or wherever you may be.
  3. Be careful and make sure that there is a good probability for success in whatever venture or direction you may take. Anything below 50%, you are possibly asking for trouble.
  4. Eliminate division in your family; at the end of the day, your family matters. If you don’t think so, ask someone who doesn’t have one.
  5. Be fruitful and multiply. Have children, adopt, be a mentor, share a conversation with a friend, show kindness to a stranger, shake hands and give hugs, have a pet, smile, be peaceful.
  6. Make sure that you are in good shape. Don’t live your life as a circle. Be healthy and active.
  7. Add knowledge. Knowledge is power. Read a book, learn about the world around you, go to a museum, visit the library, investigate a documentary, listen to a historian, listen to the wise among you……….
  8. Subtract hatred, revenge, spite, immorality, racism, bigotry, sexism, ignorance, profanity, vulgarity. The world is better off without these things.
  9. Make sure that someone can count on you. Be a friend, be something special to someone.
  10. And last but definitely not least, 3 nails and 1 cross = 4given. Accept Jesus Christ into your life. Jesus Christ, you don’t want to leave earth without him.
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