Overall Failure Starting With Education

12 Jan

The natural prosperity of any nation is its military and its educational system. It is safe to say that America’s education system is failing miserably. The failure of the educational system is due to two hidden factors. The first of these factors is the decay of the family unit. This is the reason for most of the tribulations that we now face. There are few strong male figures in the home unit and women have often had to carry the brunt of the family oversight. This trickles down to the classroom. More of our teachers are women. Our young men should be taught by men sometimes. There is something about the presence of a man that changes the atmosphere. Man are natural leaders as it seems. This is to take away nothing that women have achieved or have done toward society. The second factor is the tolerance of today’s society. Society has allowed, through the media, every type of activity to occur. The media promotes premature sexual activity, delinquency, materialism, and other aspects that bring detriment to society. Therefore, our children are more influenced by celebrities and reality television than educators and postsecondary education. These seem as unlikely reasons. However, we must take into account the path that society has taken for the worst. It is up to parents and all others to pray and come along side of teachers and administration. Parents must be supportive and passionate about getting children to see the value of education. The media must be responsible enough to promote education and life that does not consist of “celebrity status.” Others in the community must go against the grain.

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