Best College?

12 Jan

It has been a while since I have investigated this. I did some research about the best education. I do have something that I want to talk about in reference to an article in Yahoo. In today’s society, we often want the best bang for the best buck. We should also want the same educationally. In a recent article in Yahoo Finance, the best college has been determined as the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. (Not just because of the rich basketball history)  It has the best monetary value for the education. However, this honor did come with great loss, according to the article. So many schools and universities have had to cut many sources of funding. There are so many factors that come into play when talking about value and education. We first think about teacher to student ratio, the prospect that our students are getting the attention that they need. We also tend to think of the administrative and business costs. There is still a dark road ahead financially. However, it is with great enthusiam that we must support our local educational institutions and avenues. Next are the resources and public funding. Where will this come from? We have to find ways to keep our educational system afloat.

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