Who Is Going To Bail You Out?

11 Jan

No positive end in sight. It is a dreary road ahead. Even with the rising of a new election year, I can still hear those empty promises ringing strong. I would admonish you to grab ahold of faith and do not let go. I once heard a wise man say that if a man stands for nothing, he will fall for anything. Faith in God is key. When it comes to your future, your talent, your money, your life, your career, your education, God is there to hear you. All you have to do is sincerely call upon him and carry no burdens upon yourself. We should still vote, march, walk, protest wrongdoing with a spiritual mindset. I am reminded of the story of the three Hebrew boys in the bible that were bound. There were assigned to be cast into the fire by a king. The boys told the king that God would save them from the flames. The next statement is the kind of faith that builds a statue. They told the king that they still would not bow to him even if there were not spared. So, I have said that to say this. We have to commit to something more powerful than ourselves at any cost. We have given to much power to money, to politicians, to all others who can easily fail us. However, we have to learn to give in to God and learn his plan for our lives.

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